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Originally posted by JEDI OUTCAST

why are people saying that jk2 is dying. when it is not if they dont like the game why did they get it.
And indeed, why are they here whinging if they don't like it? Why don't they just go away? A very good question mate.

The answer lies- I believe- in understanding the psychology behind their posts. A "JO is dying" whinger may be one of three types of people:
[list=1][*]A person who really enjoys JO but can't get a game very often,[*]A person who played JO for a short time and then got bored,[*]A troll.[/list=1]

I really have a lot of sympathy for the first type, the bloke who can't get a game. There was that fellow from Hawaii, I think his name was Hiteche... Yeah, poor guy couldn't find a game with a decent ping. The best he could do was a 200ms lag affair on the Zone, so I have nothing but sympathy for him and his ilk. But the number of people who genuinely can't find a game is tiny, as there's ALWAYS a server running somewhere, and most people get decent pings on the zone too. JO's far from dead, it's just a shame you guys live in the middle of nowhere and can't get a game.

The second type is more common: A bloke who is now "bored" of JO and just has to tell everyone about how bored they are of JO, how boring JO is because it bores them, etcetera, etcetera. My message to them: We're bored of you. If JO bores you just go the heck away and take your uninteresting tirades on boredom, with you.

The last type is also common. Geezus is a prime example. "UT2K3 R BETTAR THAN JK2 J00 MOROSN!!!11" I think the only message trolls understand is repeated banning.

So there we have it, the vast majority of people who claim JO is dying either have no interest in JO at all, are merely in flapping their own gums, like hearing the sound of their own typing, or are trolling for reactions. So ignore them!

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