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Originally posted by Boba Rhett
Sweet! ... I didn't know that CD was out!
It came out on the 24th, same day as the Buffy premiere. It just took me this long to find it.

(Yes, I found it; the usual birthday tradition in my family is for mom to take me shopping and let me pick my own present 'cause no one actually knows me well enough to know what I want.)

The CD's actually quite good, except that they took out the sound effects. This is good in some spots (we get to hear the complete songs) and bad in others (Going Through The Motions just isn't as funny without the *thud* of the demon's body hitting the ground).

The rest of my haul includes Transformers. Demolishor & Blackout (for myself) and Starscream & Swindle (from the rest of my family, who weren't represented in the CD purchase). Both are from the Armada line, of course.

Screamer would rock, if not for the electronic gimmick getting in the way of his transformation. I would've preferred the new Megatron (or the old RiD Prime), but he wasn't available (and Prime is out-of-production, if he ever actually reached Canada ).

And the Line of the Week:
"Spike, have you completely lost your mind?"
"Well, yeah. Where've you been all night?"
--Buffy & Spike (BtVS, Beneath You); Spike's line was delivered perfectly lucidly, among his delirious ranting and raving throughout the last two episodes.

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