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I warn you, it's a long read...

Name : Trebor Starblazer.

Aliases : Reb Starblazer, Treb Starblazer, Raine Sunscorcher, Darth Malice.

Species : Half Human, half Zabrak.

Age : Exact age is unknown, even to himself. Best estimate is roughly 20 standard years of age. Due to the circumstances of his life, he often acts much older and wiser than he is.

Weapons : Has a Double-Bladed Lightsabre, with one green blade and one blue blade. It's actually two Lightsabres that are able to be connected together, or disconnect and used separately. Has a third "backup" Lightsabre, with an orange-red blade. Now has come into posession of an ancient weapon, an extendable pole made of Mandalorian Iron, meaning that it cannot be cut by Lightsabres and is able to deflect blaster bolts.

Appearance : 1.7 meters(5 feet, 8 inches) tall, medium build. Forest green eyes, brownish-blond hair, with chin length bangs, but the rest is slightly shorter. Skin tone is a little lighter than an olive one, with five horns on his forehead in a triangular arrangement(Look at Eeth Koth's forehead for an example). Hair is generally in front of his face, to conceal his horns, but is sometimes worn in a pony-tail. Generally dresses in a dark kimono style garb, with a dark cloak. Also, unlike others of the Zabrak species, Reb has no facial tatoos.

Born to a Human father and a Zabrak mother, he is an outcast of both species. He is, as he describes himself "A freak. A freak of nature. A chemical, physical, and genetic impossibilty, yet... here I am..." He believes that due to his unstable genetic structure his midi-chlorien's are defective, only allowing him to connect with the Dark side of the Force. His parents realized he was Force Sensitive, but this was a time when when being so meant you were marked for death, and they saw that he wasn't trained. However, when Reb was still a child, their ship was attacked, and crashed. He was unfortunately, the only survivor. He quickly learned to fend for himself, and how to hunt. While hunting one day, he discovered an ancient Sith temple, and upon entering, found a holo-cron. It activated when he came near it due to his Force sensitivity. And thus, his training began, and Darth Malice was born.

Years afterwords, he was "rescued" from the planet by a Catharian Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Talon, who took him as his apprentice. Time passed, and while on a mission for his master, he was sent to assassinate a world leader. He infiltrated the leaders home, and was about to kill her, when the woman's young daughter entered the room. Something awoke in Reb and he could not bring himself to kill them. He spared the woman's life and told her to take her family and leave. Darth Malice then encountered Kylaa Sentura, a female Twi'lek, trained at Obi-wan13's Jedi Academy, sent to protect the leader. He defeated her in Lightsabre combat, but could not bring himself to destroy her, as he was enchanted by her beauty. He had never met a Jedi before, only heard stories of them from the Holocron and his master. Not knowing exactly what to do with her, he took her captive and began his return to his master. On the journey Kylaa tried to reason with Reb after he told her that he didn't kill the senator. She said that proved that there was still hope for him, but he blocked out what she was saying the best she could. When they returned to Talon's ship, Talon ordered Reb to be arrested and "Re-educated" and Kylaa to be executed. Reb and Kylaa escaped, and journeyed to Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy, where Reb agreed to aid them.

Eventually, Darth Talon's forces were defeated, and Talon died by Reb's hand. But because of his past, Reb was bitter, and grew to hate all that was evil and all who served it, including himself. He went to Obi-wan for help, to learn to control his abilities, but found no peace at the Academy. He stopped using the Force completely, afraid of what might happen should he give himself to it again. Eventually, the "Academy Wars" began, and Reb once again found himself having to use the Dark side to protect his newfound family. After the first battle of the war, he joined the Sith ranks, hoping to destroy them from within. A year later, his chance came. When the Sith attacked the Jedi at the planet Thedonias. Reb Starblazer sabotaged the Super Star Destroyer "FleshRender" in an attempt to kill all of the Sith, including himself. His attempt failed, and the Sith escaped alive, but it proved to be a turning point in the war, at the cost of Reb's life. Reb Starblazer is considered killed in action at this point in time.

Reb is a Sith in name only, as he longs to be a Jedi if it was possible, although it's unknown if Reb could actually give up the power of the Dark side if he was ever faced with that choice. Reb chose to side with the Jedi because he truly believes in their cause and wishes to see the end of conflict in the Galaxy. Due to his dark side nature and tendancies however, he is not afraid to use more aggresive and forceful means than the Jedi in order to ensure peace and justice come about, often putting him at odds with some of the Jedi. Though his actions and methods are often questioned, his loyalty is not.

EDIT: Here's my half assed rendition of Reb Small

This key is to your kingdom, this key is to your heart...
Neither one a doorway, but both of them a part...

So one foot in front of the other...

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