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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

LOL he'll never show up, I challenged him and he chickened out.
no you challenged me to play on your breadstick ProMod server. Sorry champ but I declined for two reasons..

1- I have no interest in playing any duels with weakened sabers

2- It wouldn't have proved anything. You have your thoughts I have mine.

Also please note that I told you to show up at Arti's server, never did see you there. Whenever you wish to switch from the flash lights you fight with to something more interesting go to Arti's server and find me. So please, don't come here with "chickened out" accusations, being that you refused to meet me at Atrifex's.

Spider I will take Det's word that you have played 1.02 but the gameplay must have changed dramatically. Your CTF tactics have long since died in 1.02 since they have a funny way of getting you killed.

Also when comparing 1.02 and 1.04 sabers to guns you failed to note that on ladders, 1.04 is played in its vanilla form. Thus sabers are set far weaker then what you appear to be playing. Thus for competition purposes 1.02 saber users had a much higher chance of of winning.

Also you asked what I did not like about 1.03

-ass fighting (caused by the blocking system)
-pull + BS was over used
-Random blocking (hate it in 1.04 too)
-Slow downs in foot speed while swinging the saber in different stances

So please stop with you nonsense about me liking 1.03. I couldn't stand it. 1.04 is playable but still slow and dull compared to the original.

I will show up at your server soon enough. I have been playing much Unreal 2003 lately and will be glad to fire up the old JKII just for you

Cjais - was there a point to your post? Did I hurt your feelings in the past? If I did let me know and I will FedEx you a tissue.

Battlefield 1942........
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