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Originally posted by DeTRiTiC-iQ

I am considered a "good " player (guns), in that I support teammates and I can use every gun in the game with pretty good effectiveness. There are a few players who are better than me who I enjoy playing, they offer me the change to improve my skills. Only after I have increased myself to their level would I ever challenge Spider.

Seriously, don't go into a game with Spider unless he's on your team.
A saber challenge is what I am looking for. JKII guns became rather dry since I got Unreal 2003. They seem almost cartoonish to me now. Honestly if they do make a JK3 they need to add a little grit to the game. I wouldn't mine some beter taunts, a little blood, and weapons that don't spit out gumballs.

Battlefield 1942........
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