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Info: My Character Starts Off As A 8 Year Old Boy Then Ages To About 28

Name: Neo

Neo, Is The Child Of A Dark Magician Names Giltia. Born On The Planet Corellia, His Father Died In A War The Mother Of Neo Took Him To The Planet Of Lothlorien, Sadly His Mother Died By A Renegade Jedi. Since That Day Neo Has Been Working On His Mystic Powers He Inherited From His Father To Avenge His Parents Death.

Child Equipment:
- Dagger
- Stun Batton
- Pendant Of Life
- Mystic Amulet

Adult Equpment:
- Sword Of Light
- E-17 Rifle
- Pendent Of Eternity
- Mystic Amule

I Love Role Playing and Starwars, Lord Of The Rings and Role Playing.
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