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Thus sabers are set far weaker then what you appear to be playing
Nonsense as usual, you obviously lack the skill necessary to use the 1.04 sabre efficiently, as I play on servers with default sabre damage scale.

Your CTF tactics have long since died in 1.02
Nonsense, you obviously lack the skill to use the techniques to their fullest advantage.

JKII guns became rather dry since I got Unreal 2003. They seem almost cartoonish to me now.
Once again, nonsense, you obviously have limited comprehension of the speed and depth of gun combat in all versions of JO.

Notably, you also claim that you dislike the over-use of pull/backswing in 1.03, and yet you have claimed previously in this thread alone that it was exactly the same (in fact it was not) in 1.02, you claim that you used it regularly in 1.02, and you further claim that backswing was not overpowered in 1.03. You admit that you like the majority of the defining aspects of 1.03, and yet you claim to "hate" 1.03. You are the very fount of all illogic, son. The entirety of your brain seems to be composed of a potent but rare compound called "anti-maturity," and your attempts at disguising yourself as a player of any skill at all are laughable, not to put too fine a point on it.

I've listed my regular duel server haunts and the amount of time I will spend on them, so if your spine holds up, arrive on them forthwith. If you do not arrive by next friday, I will be forced to confirm Jah's assertions of your cowardice.

As for time zone, I'm an Englishman. Figure it out.

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