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This argument stuff is getting hostile.

I'm not going to type too much I hope, I've already said how I feel plenty of times.

Is 1.04 balanced. Well, sure, if you're playing a game that utilizes all the moves, all the weapons, lightsaber included, in the right situations, the game all fits together. If you're getting kicked to death in a saber duel, there are ways getting around it, annoying as they are to do in this version.

Is 1.02 better. Well, 1.02 and 1.04 are completely different games with different feels. Obviously, people like Spider thoroughly enjoy 1.04, it's a slower game when it comes to saber combat, but guns are relatively the same, push/pull randomness is gone, etc.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I've always been a proponent of pick your favorite weapon and run with it. I love the lightsaber, but JO is a guns oriented game, it just happens to have lightsabers in it. To claim that it unbalanced is incorrect, but to say that I get no joy from it is fine. The lightsaber is effective in 1.04 if you pull it out at the right time. It is a melee weapon, and tha'ts all it will be in 1.04.

What I don't like is the fact that a player can literally choose one of the three top tier guns, and use effectively use it in all situations, where as the lightsaber is restricted. Most of the 1.04 camp likes it gun centric, I, being a "star wars fanboy" wish it were lightsaber centric. Obviously, we'll never agree with each other on how the game should be. I can whine and cry all day that the top players never even use thel ightsaber, that once they have enough ammo and their favorite top tier gun, they can use it effectively in all situations, not just some, and 9 times out of 10 win. If you don't believe that, then I don't know what to say. That's not what I experienced. Winning with the lightsaber is possible, but it's not the center of the game.

Lightsaber duels - I don't like the damage so low. I like a fast paced, 1 or 2 mistakes, and that's it. With promod's blocking system, this can be done safely. With the 1.04 blcoking system, doing that kind of ruins the game. JK2++ was fast paced, had high saber damage, but it was also a different game from 1.04. You can't really compare them. In terms of saber combat though, jk2++ had 1.04's saber abilities, and with the blocking, many duels were based mostly on luck or thoughtless rushing. Because of this, for 1.04 I guess the low damage is probably best for it.

Without getting cutthroat with anyone, or challening their integrity, I have no doubt that most of the posters here have some skills. Some people play the game as is, and they learn the system, so they get good at it. I wish the game was centered around using a lightsaber and force powers, matching the fantasy I watched on the films. Right now, with the game being more about using all of your tools, especially the guns, I find more joy playing counterstrike, which follows the same principle, althought it certainly has a different feel.

Then again, why am I complaining, Artifex's promod seems to be going in the direction I'm headed. If you want to know my personal vision of the game, or what I would like, I just wish every game had a near lethal capability. Don't ask me how I would balance it, I haven't even taken the time to consider it, because it won't happen. I don't want a game where guns are irrelevant, but unlike the one camp, I wanted a lightsaber centered game, where guns were powerful, and very relevant, but also only useful in certain situations. 1.04 is the reverse. A solid game, but for me not very enjoyable. Take your pick I guess.

Anyway, in terms of discussing what the game should be, or what sucks, we should stop slamming each other. It's hard just read any of the arguments, without flinching, or just missing your point completely. The reader might get too angry to really understand what you're getting at.
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