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Originally posted by DeTRiTiC-iQ
Trust me, you don't want to challenge Spider_AL expecting to win.

He is one of the best. I'm merely good, i'm one of the people that wins games but doesn't totally own it, I would never kid myself enough to say that I could beat Spider (at least not yet ). In my opinion, the secret to being a good player is to know who is better than you and not make any assumptions about anybody's skill. For all I know, Fatalstrike, you may be THE BEST JK2 player in the world, if this is the case you have nothing to worry about, anything less and you will have a hard fight on your hands.
I have never made any claims of being the best. I simply would like to meet spider al and see for myself how good he is. If you are right so be it, there is ALWAYS someone better then you in life. I have no problem with that.

I just came from playing Spider Al's servers for the last hour. No sign of him, I asked some [SASHA] clan guys if they had heard of him and they all said no. I went to weapons servers and saber server and no one had any clue who I was talking about.

Those servers are not running Vanilla 1.04 by the way.

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