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Re: Single Player Source Code

Originally posted by skywalker19
Just got a reply back from Kenn Hoekstra,
source code getting released,
he did say that he would pass along the idea to the JK2 team.
Very interesting, because I just got a very similar response back from him...

Mine was regarding the implementation of ProMod (Which is an awesome Mod, by the way) into a .05 Patch. I asked him if he was aware of what ProMod was, and provided him with links to check it out: I said that if there was ever a Mod that really should have been part of the original game code, ProMod was it!

He wrote back to inform me that he was "indeed aware of ProMod" and that he thought it was "very cool". But then he wrote that he would "pass along the idea to the JK2 team".

While that sounds very cool, and I'm sure he really did "pass it on", I am guessing now that it's pretty much his stock answer for everyone.

It's likely that he gets many emails a day with all kinds of suggestions for JO -and other Raven games- and rather than try to explain the likelyhood of seeing your idea incorporated, he just says that he will "pass it on".

The reason I don't think the Single Player source code will be released is because of copyright restrictions. While it's true that they released the Multi-player code -which also comes with copyright restrictions-, I feel that it made sense to release it from a Marketing perspective. The editing community is a potent force, especially for online gameing. And online playability is becoming as/or more important to game sales as the Single Player component. The Editing community is constantly at work breathing new life into these games -mostly the online components. Doing this keeps the games popular for longer, and that helps maintain sales figures. This is probably why they didn't just release the Multi-Player source code when they released the game. They wait until sales have peaked, and are starting to decline, then they start releasing the goodies to keep the momentum flowing.

Keep in mind: the Editing community is like the perfect ecconomy. People work at things for the joy of doing it, and to make things better for everyone -everyone gets all they want. But the Software industry -like any other business- is in an imperfect ecconomy. It's all about sales, because sales=money, and without money people don't work, and without people working there is no software -or anything else.

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