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I really have a lot of sympathy for the first type, the bloke who can't get a game. There was that fellow from Hawaii, I think his name was Hiteche... Yeah, poor guy couldn't find a game with a decent ping. The best he could do was a 200ms lag affair on the Zone, so I have nothing but sympathy for him and his ilk.
Yep, that would be me. Now for the record. I just want to say is that for some people "die" has different definitions. I think the game is starting to weed out those who just wanted to see some Star Wars game. The servers are starting to trim down and some people take that as the game is dying.

I know for a fact that the mod community is still active. I just would like to see more servers in my area. Or people join the "PC Bang" server ( I will have to look up the IP for posting) This server I pour some money into but no one seems to play on it. Some one tell the ping to high? Settings? Give me a ring and I'll change it.

BTW, Wookie Beer party is up again. Jump on that too. I hope to see you guys around.

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