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In the event I am bored...................

Yago Goml, nicknamed Lightning Man by his reflexes, The Guardian for his best professsion.

Born with a natural strength of correct split second predictions, aiming skill, and his family's blade art, he was always overconfident and sure to get his job done. An excellent pilot, but a tendancy to go :"above the law" , he was kicked out of the New Republic Army for insubordination shortly after mastering his family's blade art. He severed all ties with his family after this, and now is a mercenary, best suited for body-guarding. One of his clients, an old Jedi-Master from the unknown regions, said he was to be force sensitive, but I disregarded as bull-hoppy sithspit.
Age: 26, wants to profit from both sides. Works cheap, 10 creds an hour, not counting hours off his job, be it assassination and such. Impatient, wants to get the job done quickly. Enjoys a challenge

Illegally modified Tenloss Rifle complied with a lightsaber on it's end. Nicknamed the Tenloss Blade.
Packs high powered explosives in a force-powered backpack given by the Jedi Master.

Armor: Simple light armor, light armor designed to block small shots.

Special Abilities:
Lightning fast reactions.
Ability to predict opponents in split-seconds.

I'm bored too often.

Sue, it's the American way!- I forgot.
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