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My bio

Name : Anakin Silver-Lao

Age at time of SWG : 18

Species: Zabrak

Profession: Military

Appearance ;

Anakin has a white and black tattoed face. A big horn in the middle of his head with two smaller ones either side. And little ones running along the side and backs of his head. He wears a black tunic and pants , with a brown dusty cloak over him.

Bio ;

Anakin was raised on the planet of Coruscant. His family had moved there before he was born and had set up a small popular casino.
He grew up in the shadow of the Jedi Tmple. He always dreamed of going there and learning the ways of the Jedi , but something deep down stopped him from pursuing that dream any further. Supposely when he was 3 a Jedi Master of unknown name came to his parents door asking to train the boy. They obliged but at that time Anakin said his first word which was no.

Now he can never remember if it was the Force telling him not to go becuase of some deeper purpose but he contiuned to grow up in the casino buisness.

Eventually when the Emperor took over at last. He and his family fled tro Tattione in case the Emperor ever came after Anakin.

After only a month in tattione Anakins family of father , mother , sister and brother were executed by the Empire for treason. Apparently they had information regarding Jedi which they had kept hidden.
Anakin by now was 15 , and could still study Jedi training if he was powerful enough so his father sent him all the way to Coreilla , where he would never be found.

On Corellia he spent his days fighting for money in back alleys. Until one day a politican came to see him.
The politican names was Angel Corleone and he was the President of the Chajion Federation , a new mini- governement to defend against all imp attacks on non-imperial towns and cities.

Soon Anakin became one of the Presidents Royal Guard , which is his post at the moment. The Jedi Order which operates inside the Federation keeps tabs on Anakin should he ever want to start training again.

One day maybe he will......

Ok thats all for now , let us know what you think.

Oh bythe way the Chajion Federation is the name of the guild i'm part of .

you can find us on page 1 of the player assoascastion database.

or our website


Anakin Silver-Lao
Royal Guard
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