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Originally posted by ArtifeX
I've got an idea. How about we set up a "Grudge Match Night" in my server? Anybody who's got a beef with anybody else can show up and take a whack at whoever.

The server's open for 14 players, so we should be able to fit everybody in.

Besides, I've found that people who are trolling flamers in the forums tend to turn out pretty nice guys once they get playing in a server. Might help tone things down around here.
Isn't your server guns and full force? not exactly the best way to demonstrate saber skills man.

Thats where half the BS comes in man, I think we play different gametypes. We are all commenting on gametypes that we dont even play or settings they've never tried.

Also Artifex, are you really adding turnable specials to your mod? I sincerely hope not bro.

PS Artifex it must be nice having so many folk kissing your ass, soon you wont need toilet paper. LOL

Peace & Ting

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