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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

Isn't your server guns and full force? not exactly the best way to demonstrate saber skills man.

Thats where half the BS comes in man, I think we play different gametypes. We are all commenting on gametypes that we dont even play or settings they've never tried.
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Originally posted by Jah Warrior
Also Artifex, are you really adding turnable specials to your mod? I sincerely hope not bro.

Relax, you seem to be scared of turning moves. You should rename to "Jah da Nervous Kitten" if you are going to have an attitude like that.

Even if he adds turns to the specials they are going to be offest by penalties and blocking. Also a DFA that turns would lose most of its power if turned move then a little bit. So they won't be as strong as what we know consider "special move."

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