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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

Ok, I'll borrow your chicken suit when you are done with it Fatalgroupie, thanks for the offer. Is it a fancy dress server then?

Shall we have a Fatal strike versus Jah Warrior thread where we can happily flame the crap out of each other, I for one am finding this rather enjoyable now.
FatalGroupie? HAHA! I have challenged Arti on many of his ideas. Look at it this...

You want sabers to be weaker so that duels last longer and you can make some mistakes and still comeback and win.

I want more viable attack options, without overpowering any single move.

We can combine the two. I don't need the moves to be one hit kills, that does not interest me. I just like to be able to use them. For example..

Back Stab
Pull and kick doesn't knock you down in promod, so why not have a spinning backstab that you can use when your opponent makes a mistake? It is very hard to use on an upright enemy and it doesn't have to be a instant kill, just add a knock back and I'm fine with it. It CAN NOT be spammed because it is not easy to do, it won't kill instantly, and you can't block backwards so no ass fighting will result.

If it can be blocked and loses a huge amount of power if you turn it, why not? It would make the move harder to dodge but also less rewarding if you are not perfectly accurate.

You see I don't wany"instant kills" I just want more viable attacks then we have now.

Now that I explained my point of view on ProMod, which Artifex has now made the topic of this thread (sneaky bastard) I will resume my insults....

I gave my chicken suit to Spider two days ago, if you had asked me earlier you would have had it, sorry. Then again why would you need a chicken suit? Just turn around and I'll paint a nice yellow stripe down you your back.

I don't know why you want to wear a dress at Arti's server, but you are free to wear whatever you like. I don't have to see you so you can wear pink roses in your ears for all I care.

Battlefield 1942........
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