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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

Make your mind up groupie, so "you" want damage reduced now, gosh, i never thought I'd hear you say that. All i can say is I'm glad I converted you to breadstick fighting.
no No NO!!

I don't want saber damage reduced for regular sabers, but since special moves have caused problems in past version of the game. They should be useful but not turn duels into battles of who can land a special move first.

For example a spinning Back Spin would be perfect for promod duels where players are trying to get at your sides and backs. You could bate them to attack you side step forward and strafe and then nail them with a back spin. That said it shouldn't kill them right away. If they are weak already then they are gonners but no hit should be stronger then a heavy ProMod.

The point is Jah that I see what you have been saying about DFA's and BS taking over the game. So while I enjoy using these very cool looking attacks, I don't think they should be the "end-all" of dueling. Landing a DFA should not get you an automatic win. That said, I think a DFA should be less nerfed in the sense of landing one, yet weaker.

Also the DFA should hurt you if you land on it while the player has a saber over their head. How many time do you launch a DFA as someone is about to land only to have them slide off your saber damage free, how stupid is that. Now THAT is a bug.

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