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Originally posted by FatalStrike


Just when I thought I could get some real debate going....

If you must slip back into flaming then so be it. If you are calling me a kid you must be in your older then me, which would make almost 30, if you aren't almost 30, show some respect to your elders son.

As for great laughs - Art addressed your gun concern yet you still won't accept the idea. Do you have to have weak sabers to stand up for yourself? Ha!

Are you happy now Jah?

By the way I got that yellow paint, show up at Spider Al's suggested servers so I can apply a nice thick coat to that poor excuse for a spine of yours.
I told you before I have a server where we can play, promod if you wish. I wanna play you with mega damage and with sane damage also. None of this full force ffa with guns nonsense. duel 1 on 1. One set of 10 with default promod damage and one set of 10 with sensible (tweaked) damage.

Like I say you havent even tried the settings i mentioned perhaps its time you experienced it. At least then you would have an informed opinion rather than just cruising for a reaction from people by making arguments of things you know nothing of. I've tried both and I know which i prefer, you've tried one setting and have made your mind up from that. Is it not logical to use a comparison?!?!

Having an opinion and being opinionated are two different things sonny boy.

Peace & Ting

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