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Originally posted by zerowingzero
Am i a groupie for being thankful for someone who is making a mod out of thier own free time? Bah.

I know you are more worried about nf duels and you don't want all the skills you made to suddenly be usless or having a drastically different game, which is fine, but don't instult others for not caring about it, it is a valid point in your eyes but not everyone's.

No, i don't want to start any flame war Jah, but it is kinda annoying when you do that.

Anyway, i would want to be part of an weekly server gathering, if ping isnt too bad, because when i connected to jah's server i had quite a high ping, didnt effect me much but others might not be so lucky...

I aint flaming You nor Artifex, what Artifex is attempting to do with promod is nothing short of heroic.

As promod is at the moment it is FAR from a finished article and I'm sure Artifex will agree with that. It does not cater in the slightest for duel servers in its present form and as such needs tweaking to make it so... be it server side or worked into later betas or (fingers crossed) a finished article.

As for bringing back the old moves that everyone whined about if they are tweaked in a way like Fatal outlined earlier then that does not sound too bad, but it will need to be done very very carefully.

As far as this flame war between myself and FatalStroke, its a war of words and means nothing, and for the record I did not instigate the WAR!!! muhahahaha. Don't take it too seriously Zero, I certainly am not.

Peace & Ting

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