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born on the planet of naboo, with human parents nalya and kiro. at young age young pad found out he wasnt like the other kids. in stead of playing with wooden sticks or other toys he read books and practised in the art of meditating. when he was in his twenties he left his home to go to the city where he was noticed by a jedi. he became well trained and soon pad found out he was a master at swordfighting. also a bow, which isnt a normal jedi tool, became 1 of his well known fighting tools.

on a quest at coruscant he saved the life off a female senator. he got to know her and did something a jedi shouldnt do, he fell in love with her. so he kept the feelings to him to make sure the council didnt found out. but at 1 time she confessed her true feelings towards him and they were mutual.
pad left the council and married her. they now live in piece in a nice, cosy place on the planet of naboo.

a blue lightsaber
his brain (sometimes good to get him out off certain situations)
a bow

saber combat
shooting with a bow
anything force related
talking himself out off messy situations

although he lives in piece he practises his skills at a daily base.
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