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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

I told you before I have a server where we can play, promod if you wish. I wanna play you with mega damage and with sane damage also. None of this full force ffa with guns nonsense. duel 1 on 1. One set of 10 with default promod damage and one set of 10 with sensible (tweaked) damage.

Like I say you havent even tried the settings i mentioned perhaps its time you experienced it. At least then you would have an informed opinion rather than just cruising for a reaction from people by making arguments of things you know nothing of. I've tried both and I know which i prefer, you've tried one setting and have made your mind up from that. Is it not logical to use a comparison?!?!

Having an opinion and being opinionated are two different things sonny boy.
LoL Jah, what is your server name. I need some practice on it first and then you are on. I shouldn't need to long so lets play this weekend. That good for you?

you opinionated bastard lol

Battlefield 1942........
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