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Re: New Patch

Originally posted by ExarDunnan
I think that raven should release a new patch that enhances gameplay some. For one thing, if you shoot someone with a killing blow when trhey are in the air, they'll have the regular falling motion, but they're already "laying down" in the air before they hit the ground. Also, if you pull a corpse off the ground, they'll fly around stiff as a board (then make a nice WHOMP noise when they hit the ground, but that's not the point). I think the in-air animations should be improved, like if they just kinda fliped around when they fell. It probably seems kinda picky of me to be annoyed by this, but I think that if the lifeless stormtrooper corpses are going to fly through the air, they should do it with style!!!
Uh, all of those suggestions have absolutely nothing with gameplay. They're all cosmetic and will probably take it's toll on FPS as well. How can you concentrate on the death animation of one opponent when there are a dozen more aiming at you in an FFA?

Right. Patches are more gameplay-correction oriented than graphics updates.

EDIT: I'm just going to bypass the clash of egos ^_^

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