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*Rwos starts to reply, but something stops him*

I *can* stop this, right? All I need to do is use the Time Matrix to go to the Aesir's command ship and stop the torpedoes from launching. But I'll need Odin for that.


I can't leave the others here. But... What was the instructions for using the Time Matrix in the legend? ...everyone who would be transported would need to be touching it, all focusing on the same purpose. If their minds fought, ...I don't remember. But it wasn't good.

And, if, say, Cracken got his hands on the Time Matrix...

There's only one solution. Ken'atra is going to have to do this. To preserve the links.

Rwos: I swear. *he breaks Ken'atra's hold and backs away* But I can't do it. You need to.

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