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Originally posted by Jah Warrior

Cool wiv me bro, I'm at a weding on saturday, (thankfully not mine) but I'm sure we can fix something up.

will PM you when I get a slot sorted.

any preference of map?
I think matrix dojo is a fairly even map but if you have a fave or something and i got it we can do that. we got most of the decent ones so its your call.
I don't have the matrix Dojo but allow the server to download and I will DL it from there. I don't really care wich duel area it is, as long as it has flat areas in which to duel.

Hey can you allow force jumping? I don't really like no force jumping, but if it a big deal its not that important.

Originally posted by Jah Warrior
*reaches for steroids and ounce of amphetamines*

Yeah I'm opinionated

especially if it gets you started
Are you hitting on me? Sorry man I'm not into guys, but your sister/female cousin/mom can call drop me a line if she wants.

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