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Question Old school newbie, wants to form a light side!


I got jedi outcast many months ago when it first came out and played it to death, joined a clan etc had a great time. BUt unfortunately i had to be out fo the country for 3 months over the summer. Anyhow the clan disbanded and I didn't play jedi for nearly 4 months

So here is the deal, i used to be good but i aint gonna lie, now i'm crap! BUt love the game more than ever, I'm looking to start a new clan of pretty much newbies, or people who dont have the time to make a clan their whole life, but just do it for total fun when they can.

I want it to be a light side clan, and i'd like help running maintaining it too, so any suggestion will always be welcomed.

Anyway, hope there are some people in either the same position as me, or people new to the game wanting to get eased into with an experienced albeit poor jedi verteran.

Thanks for reading


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