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Name: Irvine Cracken

Age: 23 (Cantina Spinoff) 47 (Cantina 7 )

Sex: Male

Weapons: Dual Lightsabers: Skill w/ Single Lightsaber = Scary; Skill with Dual = Nightmarish (but still not perfected)

Force powers: Strength increase (main) (Master), Telekanesis (lvl 2)(force throw, grab, pull), 3 Form (lvl 1)(creates 3 version of self, one complete oppsite, one very dark, one very light)(each form had 1/3 for orginal's true power), Holy Judgement (Master)(traps one being casted at, if casted at is good, does nto die and w/o injury, if evil, dies)(caster is weaked for time being, almost passed out state)

Bio: Grandson to Palatine, Son of Cracken Lord of the Sith. Irvine was born on Raynor and lived with his Mother and Father (Lord Cracken), until Cracken had to leave to become Emperior, at age 8. Irvine was left with his Mother and a single gift from his fathers, and silver casing that holds two lightsabers, both identical to his fathers, but only these emmited blue beams not red.
His Mother died when Irvine was age 13, and lived with his grandparents on his mother's side, until he was sent away by Imperial troops commanded by Cracken's top Generals (with out Crackens knowledge), sent to the construction site of the Crimson Star II, a few years later the Holocause happend, the explosion of the Crimson Star and the use of specially enhanced torpedos that cuases 80% of the galaxies stars to go super nova, left only but a few main glaxies left. Five Days later Irvine joins the spinoff Characters...

*events of Cantina Spinoff*

Later Irvine self teachs himself along with others to create their own new jedi order, regaurdless of what remained left the galaxy (which should be easier to maintain with a few).

Irvine learned a way that he can travel back through time before the event of the holocaust, and hpoing that he'd stop it, he accepted, but to his surprise he landed right into his home planet and right into his childhood, where the appearence of the Cantina crew (Deac Starkiller, Syrnrl Starkiller, Rwos, Cracken, and etc, but it didnt last for very long, until they used the Tiem matrix to leave that time and place, leaving him and Deac Starkiller's future self The Revenant in the past.
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