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Masters of the Force: Release 1

Hi all, I'm just creating this so people can comment on Release 1 of MotF. The main thread for this Mod is here. I'll be continuously checking and commenting in this thread while Release 1 is the current version of the Mod. Currently, Release 1 doesn't exist yet, but it will hopefully soon. Y, ASk, and I have been doing some serious work on the design and we think the results are going to be great. The current plans for Release 1 is to impliment just the Dodge Skill. We could include more stuff if people want, but that would push back the release date.

And, no, I don't know/can't estimate WHEN Release 1 will be finished, DON'T ASK! I don't like making fake release date estimates.

In addition, I'll not be replying to any other Release 1 thread. It's just too much of a pain to go looking thru the Forum for random posts about the Mod.

Anyway, feedback/suggestions/comments are appreciated.

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