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Originally posted by razorace
I think it's nice that Raven even READS it's user email.
Well, I'm sure he felt at least a little obligated. I noticed that the "Raven Plans" link at was updated. When I clicked on it, it was just some trivial message that he had posted. At the bottom he also posted that it was his birthday. I have a soft spot for birthdays . I figured he'd probably enjoy finding a happy birthday message in his in-box (who wouldn't), so I emailed him. And as long as I had his attention, I figured I'd make him aware of ProMod, and shoot him a hyperlink.

I didn't expect to hear from him, but I'm not surprised. When you take a moment and do a nice thing for someone, it often comes back to you. To my thinking, if I'm ever near Raven Software and short on cash, I'm probably good to get ten bucks and maybe lunch at McDonalds -hey, it could happen.

In fact I read recently that he's looking high and low for a certain Homer Simpson wav. Well, I've got that episode on VHS. It wouldn't be too hard to make a nice sample of what he's been trying to find. I was debating on making the wav, emailing him an extremely LOW resolution of it, and telling him he can have the hi-rez version if he'll leak some animation or SP source code to the editing community.

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