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I play Guns CTF almost exclusively, somehow i've managed to go several months without this happening, until yesterday that is:

I'm base defender, hence my job is to kill enemy players in and around my base. An Enemy enters the base with saber down and proceeds towards the flag spot. As you can expect, being the nice base defender I am. I kill him. He very quickly says "lamer" and quotes "No Tipping Killing, No Saber Out Killing, No Gun Abuse". At which point I promptly say "wtf?"

Anyway he does the same thing again, so again I feel obliged to kill him, he may have saber down but he's a threat to the team. So again he says "lamer" and quotes his special "rules".

At this point i'm thinking, "ok i'll just see what he does to prove my point", so I hold of shooting him, lo and behold he makes the entire flag run with saber down.
As you can see, the not attacking people with saber down is a completely suicidal gesture in CTF.

Although i'm not entirely sure which is worse, playing CTF with saber down in a vain attempt to stop people killing you, or having bound keys for "Lamer" and "No Tipping Killing, No Saber Off killing, No Gun Abuse".
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