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*Reletha and Cracken duel, parrying each others blows, absorbing each other's force powers*

Reletha: Fool! You cannot hold out forever

*Leaps and lands behind him*

You will-ungh!

*A lightsaber blade is thrust through her chest and de-activated. The Revenant stands above her body*

Revenant: It is over, Lady Darkstar

Reletha: Fool. I'll be back. Whatever you do with the time'll never be rid of us ...

*The Revenant turns to Ken'atra*

We can change this. We change the outcome of the events on the Crimson Star. All we have to do is get us off before it explodes, and it's all over, Ken'atra. Your family, they'll never die, and you'll have the life you should have had.

How about it then?

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