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Name: Tidus Darklighter

Age (of character): 24

Occupation: LFJA Assistant Principal (Jedi Master)

Weapon: Orange lightsaber

Species: Human

Apprentice: Phantom Helix

Force: (all passive good side)

Mind Trick


Long black/brown hair, pure, attractive looking face (hey, it's my character lol), tall stature (5"11'), brown and beige coloured jedi garnments, tall black boots and a long brown hooded cloak.


Lived as a farmboy on one of the Academy's planet's neighbouring moons. Through an unfortunate smuggling deal, Darklighter's father was tricked and targeted for assassination. His mother and father were murdered by a bounty hunter, but through sheer will of the force Obi-wan13 managed to prevent Darklighter's own death. He was therefore taken into the Jedi Academy, and trained under the careful guidance of the Academy Principal for many a year. Here began his rivalry with Divine Spirit, a padawan who would ultimately form his own alleigance against the forces of good.
Darklighter's one love, Taliara, was murdered by the man who sent the bounty hunter to kill his parents. Through pure rage he tracked down the killer and fought and defeated him, before rejoining the Academy. He played a significant part in the Academy Wars, and fought valiantly against the forces of Divine Spirit. Admiral to the famous Death/Ice Squadron, he lead the fleet into battle, and rescued his friends from the clutches of evil.
A strong-minded, valiant, caring and trustworthy soul, Darklighter prides himself in helping others, even though his personal feelings are often a subject of distraction.

"Yeah no one likes a smart ass, but we all like stars,
But that wasn't my intention, I did it for a reason..."

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