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Name: Strider Flamehart
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 24 (Character age)
Height: 6'3"
Species: Human, seemingly part Demon, currently unknown

Weapon: Dark Blue Lightsaber, a rather large sword, and dual .45 calibur pistols.

Languages Understood/Writable: Trade Huttese, Jedi symbols, Aurek-besh/Aurabesh, Wookie, and many others.

Abilities: Impeccable Force abilities; Both Jedi and Sith powers, mastery of blindfolded and unarmed combat, incredible melee weapon skills, and supernatural demon-like power.

Bio: Was originally a very skilled Jedi Padawan that lived sometime before the time of the Old Republic. On one mission with his master, he discovered almost supernatural demon-like strength, something he tried to keep hidden from the masters at the Order. Eventually however, he left the Jedi under the conditions that he committed a severe crime to the Jedi Order. Strider was exiled. Later, he he turned and became a Sith. After serving them for a time, he left the Sith, slaying many who were at the temple he had stayed in. Some time after this, he found his way to the Sith Hunters, who accepted him. He supposedly disappeared, and was presumed dead. He fled to the Unknown Regions of Space, where none but Revan and one his disciples had been before, and returned to tell about it. He returned after a time, his supernatural abilities and curse keeping him at his same age. He found out many had thought him to be dead, and tried to re-establish connections with those who knew him.

Strider Flamehart

[Edit: Character has been edited - 10/15/05.]

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