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Tale of a Mercenary

(Rule: Don't ruin the plot and if you use a different language other than Basic (English) put the translation in brackets or parenthesis) On Coruscant, a mysterious figure loomed in the Splendor on the bottom levels of Coruscant. He was playing Sabacc with a few creatures from different worlds. He could understand and probably write a few languages, but had a hard time prounouncing most. One of the creatures eyed the mysterious figure wearily. The figure won, taking the prize with him, the creature then became mad and glared, "You cheated! You used a shifter!" the figure was offended and replied in a semi-mechanical voice, " I did no such thing, you're just mad because you lost..." and left the Splendor before the creature could react. He went to the upper levels of Coruscant and spoke to an old friend. The figure happened to be the Mercenary Ninja, Craig.

Craig: Hey, can you do me a favor?
Friend: Depends...
Craig: I need you to send out that I'm looking for another job.. *takes drink he is offered and drinks it*
Friend: Alright, if you can do me a favor..
Craig: *suspicious* what?
Friend: Pay for the drink this time..
Craig tossed a coin to his friend and left the bar, then went out to a nearby hotel to rest.

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