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Ahem, my character.....

Name: Auron Topshot
Profession: Sith Warrior and Professional Mercenary

Age: At this time, we are unsure about his accurate age.
Species: Human

Preferred weapon(s): An enhanced lightsaber (found .here And a .55 Sniper Rifle with 12 rounds of blaster shells.

Languages known: Aqualish, Huttese, Human English, and Wookie.

Items: Stealth clothing, And an IMG Code Breaker device, able to break almost any code except bank codes.


Born on the planet of Tatooine, he was sold to Ka'pa the Hutt as a slave. Topshot had tried many times to escape from his court, but was captured by the bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Ka'pa had threatened Topshot that if he had tried one last time to escape, he'd kill his friend ZBomber.

At that time, Topshot and ZBomber had not known they had the power of the Force.

One night, at the time the many moons of Yavin were full, they had escaped Ka'pa's wrath after he was killed by the two.

Now Topshot had a different goal than ZBomber. That goal was to obliterate the entire Hutt race.

The next few years, he had bought all the latest in advanced technology, all kinds of metals known to the galaxy, and had started constructing his awesome long blade.

The days after he'd created his weapon of choice, he traveled to the Ruins of the Jedi Temple, set up camp, and began training in the manipulative arts of chaos and teleportation.

Now these days, not even jedi, sith, mercenary, or Dark Jedi could match his speed and strength, even with the Force

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