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PLease tell me something (to admins)

I have tried relentlessly to send a file to you for over a month now. Each time I know that I have sent it correctly so I startd sending emails asking why it wasn't getting posted but I got no comment. Its been a month of those emails aswell so I want to know what in the world is going on. And then the oly thing in the news is help wanted adds. Now whats with that. The community wants files not help wanted adds. So can we all please get some files up. And why hasn't my file gotten up. It was a saber pack called cinema sabers. They were made to look like all the various design of the saber blades in the movies. I have redone the pack so if you can will you please put the file up if I send it to you. BTW can I send it directly to you cause I don't trust the email system anymore. Thanks.

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