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Trooper over comm to stardestroyer: "Some units have fallen to sniper fire, how ever the type of rifles that were being reported being used would hardly creatate blemishes on walker armour"

Creceren: "Good, keep me informed. Walker units proceed, and also start artillary bombardments using Imperial Bombers."

Trooper over comm: "But sir, the artillary might hit the scouts."

Creceren: "Im aware of that. if you were smart enough you'd keep sending out signals on encrpted channels of your presence. other wise you might as well avoid the bombers in any how each way. You expendable. Kill the channel."

*officers on ship, turns off the comm, just after an artillary bombardment kills the trooper*

Crecren: "Let every one know this, this is the Outer Rim, we are a long way from the Throne, My is the only rule!"

Crew: "Yessir!"
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