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I think you guys are confused.

What the guy is saying is that, though there is no DVD deal of Sam and Max, Nelvana is working with Nickelodeon on airing Sam and Max reruns on their station.

It has nothing to do with Nick making a DVD, or whatever. They're technically two separate statements, but placed together because they wanted to cheer up the fan.

The reason I believe it is because Nelvana WOULD go to Nickelodeon.

Right now, DiC has a huge deal for programming with Nickelodeon, and whenever DiC has a deal with a channel, Nelvana follows soon after. DiC and Nelvana are like happy little boy and girl, holding hands and skipping merrily down the lane.

When DiC wanted to buy Fox Kids, they were going to cut a deal with Nelvana and give them an hour of airtime to themselves (for E/I content, of course). Now, this deal didn't work out, but I just felt I should give an example.

If Nelvana was making a deal with Nickelodeon, they wouldn't just be giving them Sam and Max. They'd probably be giving them other shows like Eek the Cat too.

Sam and Max, if aired, would probably be placed on the Sunday afternoon SLAM block, Nick's somewhat-crappy action block that has Invader Zim, Speed Racer, Robot Wars, and Butt-Ugly Martians.
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