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*Confusion takes a hold of his mind suddenly. What is he doing?! He is betraying his master, betraying his teachings! How dare he even think about helping these people? The very thought of this should make him sick! But...his family. Above all his family. He can't let them die and now that he's seen them again the pain is so much greater. He longs to be with them, to be normal. Normal...he was never normal. And he shall never be normal! How can he be such a fool? Yes, the winged one swore but can he really be trusted? How does he know for sure that they won't betray him?* Be sensible! *With a shake of his head he disregards all doubts, takes a hold of the Time Matrix and concentrates on his next target hoping these people know what to do*

"They didn't name him Death for nothing, you know. He's a killer, a murderer. Men, women, children...doesn't matter, if they're in his way...if he's bored. He'll kill 'em all. He has no respect for life. He only wants to kill and destroy."- Stealth
"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
"No, I don't think so. No one can stop Death."- Stealth
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