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Wow. That's got to be the most active jk2 ladder I've ever seen. 75 out of 135 players are actively participating? 25 Clans? Damn! Kudos for running such a great ladder! Wish we could keep ladders that active here in the States! Some of those guys have played upwards of 30 matches in almost as many days?!

I know the site itself is mostly available in English, but you might want to post a link to Babelfish here so that the non-Italian speakers can read the forums and such. (i'd post it myself, but i'm behind a firewall blocking babelfish at the moment. :/ )

Yes, Avatar's tournament the weekend of Oct. 25th will be the first to receive ProMod Beta 3, complete with custom options specifically for their use such as the server's ability to disallow health and power pick-ups and a 1-point-per-2-second health regeneration.

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