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4 New Soul Savers

well there are 4 new
GF year one soul savers
to check out at calaverablanca.
they are as follows:

Driving Miss Meche

download Driving Miss Meche here

Pack Up Your Troubles

download Pack Up Your Troubles here

I Wish I Was Dead
*the ultimate soul saver for the office.
even if you are not a Grim Fandango fan,
watching Manny get chewed out by the boss
is something universal in the work place.*

download I Wish I Was Dead here

Drop Dead!
(the sequel to I Wish I was Dead)
*if you have the calaverablanca
soul saver "I Wish I Was Dead"
then this companion soul saver
is a must have. See Manny's Boss
Don Copal get his just desserts.*
(note to anyone who has not played
this far, this soul saver is kind of
a spoiler so don't download it until
you have reached this point in the game.)

download Drop Dead! here

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