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((@Scar: What? The Time Matrix is the only thing that *can* change the timeline. I don't see how Irvine could change anything.

@everyone else: If we avoided our previous selves, then they would still be sent on the mission to find the Time Matrix. Deac's right tho - the Aeges can fix any screwups.

@Deac: Make the Revenant do something vital/important - technically it shouldn't have been pulled with us ))

*at Cracken's words, Rwos leaves the core area, heading back towards Ken'atra* Ken'atra! We need to jump again. *Rwos stops and realizes something* Vidar, we need you to transport us...we don't know exactly where we'll end up if Ken'atra guesses where to take us.

Only I, you, and Ken'atra need to come...unless we need Odin to prove he's alive. Once you two are in the right place, I'm going to use the Time Matrix to transport myself to Asgard...and save Deac.

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