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Oriden is a sparsley populated forest planet divided by various mountain ranges and thick blue oceans. Obi-Wan13 took interest in it do to it's out rim location and laws set forth by the Galactic Republic held no jurisdiction there, creating the ultimate training facility. Until recent times the only sentient being that existed there were that of the LucasForums Jedi Academy, who carefully governed they're surroundings and took no more of the resources than were needed to preserver the planet's natural flow of life. The Jedi Academy lived and changed peacefully until a former teacher and Jedi parted ways and formed his own alliance of teachers and apprenticed more atuned to the Dark Side of The Force! Divine Spirit and his army of clones drove the Academy survivors deep into space, and took over the remaining grounds for there own purposes. There is currently plans to take back the planet and defeat Divine Spirit for good. Once that takes place, laws will be made to prevent the defection of newly trained Jedi To the Dark Side and Tyranical rule of Divine Spirit.
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