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damnit if i cant have the current Irvine in here at an altered time, at least ill intro him for C8

*While on Raynor II, the site for the CS: II, Irvine walks slowy down corridors, then comes running an officer whom claims to ahve important news to Irvine.*

Officer: "My Lord, we have just recieved news that the Crimson Star's Self Destruct mechansium has been activated, and has been deactivated sometime later, there could be a Rebel like force trying to capture the Crimson Star for their own purposes..."

Irvine: "I don't care about the Crimson Star."

Officer: "Your father is aboard, and might be executed!"

Irvine: "I hate my father, you should have known that by now..."

Officer: "Um, yes my lord. But don't you think that you have the responsibility of taking care of the matter? The Crimson Star II is almost in full working operation."

Irvine: "Ha! My responibilty? To help someone who abandoned me when I was only but a mere child? BAH! He could at least taken me with him. Could have been good for propaganda, at least i would have hated him less... Is my shuttle ready?"

Officer: "I still dont see why you want to leave alone, what if..."

Irvine: "It's my descision alone. I can pilota ship just fine. Don't disobey my orders. Even if they aren't in the best interests."

Officer: "Yes, My Lord."

*The officer turns around and heads off the opposite direction. When Irvine is all alone again, he can't help but say...*

Irvine: "Yes, follow my directions blindly, while your deaths shall be upon you all soon,... ha ha ha"

this is what really happend for both holocuast and 'safed' timelines

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