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*Irvine presses button on remote detonator, to blow up the relays on the artifcal sunlight mirrors around the fake planet.
Next Irvine presses another button on a detonator for themal detonators for all life pods and radation suit rooms. Then Irvine presses a button on a third remote detonator for thermal detonaors leaking out desaterious radiation. All from orbit.*

Irvine smiling: "Heh heh heh, too easy, pathetic little mind less worms, too bad no one knows that i even exsist... huh? Agh!"

*Irvine feels great pain from the people whom he killed*

Irvine: 'Oh no! What have i done! ugh! Errrrrr' "...AHHHHH!!! THEY ALL DESURVED IT!!!" *huff* *huff*

*Irvine hunched over, grabing the console, suddenly relises that he's several light years away already, on the preset course in hyperspace, that he'd should have been an hour later...*

events here should at least bring out a little wave through the force (pain and anger, by crew of CSII, then anger by Irvine)

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