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*Cracken, one moment,was combating imperial anti-hackers, the next, floating in the dark. a strange sensation to say the least... from the darkness he heard a voice...*

You are to go back to that Cantina you all like, and as for you, Cracken, you and Starr have a great luxury...
Your desicions are your own....

"My own? i can choose.... do i need to exist anymore? I failed you father, i need not to exist....."

*Suddenly, images flashed through his mind. The Imperial Remnant, the fleet, his apprentice, his father, Coruscant, Deac, Rwos, Flax....his son....... and his daughter.......... yes, he needed to exist. to lead the Remnant.... and to fix what he had done to his family.

In an instant, he found himself on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Titan. The Imperial Fleet he assembled was at full strength, and spread over the many worlds he conqured during his blitzkrig. No Crimson Star, though, yet Coruscant still missed a moon. Admiral Tojo, Starr by his side, he realized what he had done..... and spoke....*

Admiral, relinquish demands of control over the New Republic. Instead, i want to negotiate a true peace treaty. Regroup the fleet that is holding worlds other than Coruscant in Remnant Territory. if there is any dissent amongst the Moffs, or the Captains, bring them here and i'll deal with them myself. let them know they probably won't survive.

Also, send the New Republic a request to co-operate and find a man about 23, force sensitive. His name is Irvine.
*He turned to Starr*
You may leave if you want. However, i ask you to do one thing. O Corellia, there is a young woman i think by the name of Alys'Shera. I wish to see her. Could you bring her here, in one piece, with out injury?

Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken
Age: approximatly 50 years old
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Abilities: Strong in teh Dark Side of the Force, Much like his father, Emperor Palpatine.
Weapons: one Lightfoil. *Refere to Attack of teh CLones, Darth Tyranus uses one*
Armor: The Force
Bio: Only child and Son of the late Emperor Palpatine, he once tried to conquer the galaxy in his fathers name. Now, he is trying to find his family, and guide the Imperial Remnant into a stable future. Could his taks of finding his kids run him into teh Cantina'ers again?!

Age: 24 years old
Sex: Female
Abilities: Force Sensitive, yet no formal training. knows how to move things, but that's it. Self taught.
Weapons: Dual blasters
Armor: Black pants, with Corellian bloodstripes, black shirt and a red jacket.
Bio: Only child, her mother was foribly taken on Corellia, by what is now assumed to be a Rogue Jedi or a Dark Jedi. about 5 foot 5 in height, long black hair that is braided down to the small of her back. Knows nothing of her father. trained in CorSec, and she earned her Corellian Bloostripes during the Blitzkrig of Corellia. Flies an old Jedi Starfighter, heavely modified, andher step father was apart of CorSec until the Blitzkrig, where he was KIA. Qiut CorSec, and now is a gun for hire.

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