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Real name: Unknown
Aliases: Darth Talliusc, Night Slayer.

Race: Part Chiss, part Human and part Sith *the sith species, though he is also a sith master in the force sense*

Important notes: orphaned at the early age of 2 when his parents were killed defending a chiss outpost he was raised by a chiss by the name of Mras'kil'ned more commonly known among those close to him as "raskil". Taught in the ways of the dark side of the force by the sith lord jaeden and later by Divine Spirit. Talliusc brought Reb Starblazer to the darkside of the force under Divine spirit and played many significant roles throughout the academy wars. He fought on both sides as his honour dictated and was last seen entering hyperspace bound for the unknown regions after leaving the jedi academy on thedonias. His ties with Divine Spirit nearly severed he is his own warrior, His only allegiances are to his fallen friend Reb Starblazer, the Chiss confederacy and himself.

Equipment: Specialized dualbladed saber comprised of two curve bladed lightsabers attatched at the butt end of the hilts set in opposite directions, a weapon described as "as dangerous to an untrained wielder as a fleet of star destroyers". personal starfighter equipped with hypercomm, jamming system, 8 missile cartridges with reloads of same size in back compartments, hyperdrive engine, 5 laser cannons and 3 ion cannons.

Talliusc has been by no means mentally stable since the death of his friend Reb and is considered an unknown quantity. he has killed jedi and sith alike and may switch allegiances more before there is peace in the galaxy. it is likely that he may take up his own war with the jedi or the sith remnant.

Appearance: 6ft tall, 160 lbs, his entire body is white due to his mixed heritage except for two blood tears that crawl from his eyes down to his chin. he is of a rather small build, toned yet not muscular. he relies heavily on distractions, agility and mental attacks.

few jedi have been able to stand against him, but among them are the noted saberist Whitedragon and the fallen Reb starblazer.

The shroud of the dark emperor Divine Spirit has fallen.

*~*Master in the Sith Academy*~*

walk into the light and you are blinded.

walk away from the light and your path is illuminated.

I answer the call of frostmourne alone.

it hungers.
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