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*Starr floats in darkness. Voices come to him out of the void...terror, accusations, the realization that everything he had done had been...for nothing. He felt a peculiar sense of emptiness.

Is this death?

"As for you, Cracken, you and Starr have a great luxury...

Your decisions are your own..."


I failed...I failed him.

The darkness folded back. Starr stood again at Cracken's side.

Is this a dream?

Cracken spoke.

"Admiral, relinquish demands of control over the New Republic. Instead, I want to negotiate a true peace treaty. Regroup the fleet that is holding worlds other than Coruscant in Remnant Territory. If there is any dissent amongst the Moffs, or the Captains, bring them here and I'll deal with them myself. Let them know they probably won't survive. Also, send the New Republic a request to co-operate and find a man about 23, Force sensitive. His name is Irvine."

He turned to Starr.

"You may leave if you want. However, I ask you to do one thing. On Corellia, there is a young woman I think by the name of Alys'Shera. I wish to see her. Could you bring her here, in one piece, without injury?"

Starr could only nod numbly.

I won't fail you again.

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