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Hmmm. I don't know if the prequels are really the prime of the Jedi. They're about to get wiped out. I think I've heard it referred to as their Golden Age because the Sith have been extinct (somewhat dormant actually) and they've pretty much gone untested for a couple thousand years. The Clone War is set in motion by Darth Sidious (aka Senator Palpatine) but there are only battles between Jedi and Sith (so far) not an all out war leading to peace (like KotOR should tell).

I voted the KotOR era on the poll mainly because it is the timeframe I am most eager to learn new things about. I'm pretty up to date on the original trilogy and the prequels but I know little about post-trilogy lore. I know there are books out taking up the story after ROTJ. I guess I am more interested in the KotOR time because that is when all the traditions, etc of the Jedi Knights/Masters really came into being. Through the movies the Jedi and all their diversity get reduced to Luke and the New Jedi Order after the movies is all built from Luke. Some knowledge of the way things used to be undoubtedly survived but I think, right now anyway, the story of how everything got to Episode I is really intriguing.

For those who also admit to being ST fans, it's kind of like the new Enterprise series, instead of going beyond Deep Space Nine and Voyager they are going back to explain how everything developed into The Original Series.

That's my two cents.

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