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"... what I told you was true, from a certain point of view."

Of course, I see your point. I guess personally I haven't thought of the Jedi as going out in their prime (they should be unbeatable in their prime). Back in KotOR they whoop the Sith out of existence. Then there is no longer a need for as many Jedi and they become hundreds instead of the thousands there were. The only reason the Sith get a chance to come back is because the Jedi have passed their prime, from a certain point of view. You're right you didn't mess with the Jedi in their prime, but they get messed with in the prequels, maybe even go as far as to say they are manipulated by the Dark Side because they can't see the Sith, so I personally wouldn't say they are in their prime. : )

"You are not a Jedi yet."
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