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Odin: I'm leaving for a while. If you want to contact me use this.

*Odin hands Rwos a com device*

Odin: I trust you know how to use this. Please don't try to examine, or try to open it as it will destroy itself.

Before I go, we are always watching you though you may not know it.

*Odin and Vidar pause at the entrance were another cloaked man joins them. The three exit.*

Odin: Come boys, lets get to Sleipnir (Odin's personal ship).

*The three walk to the ship*

Vidar: What do you think about this peace proposal?

Heimdall (the Cloaked man): I believe this will cause more blood to be spilled.

Odin: I agree, I don't think the Imperials are ready for peace. Monitor Jotunheim closely, this will be interesting.

Heimdall: I'll make sure that it is done.
((Allow me to formally introduce Vidar and Heimdall to everyone

Name: Vidar
Age: 700
Race: Aesir
Bio: Vidar is the son of Odin, and will rule the Aesir upon Odin's death. He is the second most powerful Aesir, has a vast knowledge of Aesirian lore. He likes to spend his time in thought and study but when action is needed he doesn't like to waste time. Vidar looks like a man in his early twenties.

Name: Heimdall
Age: 400
Race: Aesir
Bio: Heimdall is Odin's youngest. His force ablilites amoung other things allow give him heightened sense of hearing and sight. He has a fierce loyalty to his people and spends much of his time ensuring that the Aesir remain safe and hidden. He has the appearance of a man near twenty (around 19). ))

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